So I was thinking about grimdark Rose earlier and got really sad, so I feel the need to explain it to all of you. Her whole grimdark arc is very upsetting yes, but there are two parts that stand out, the beginning of [S] Seer Descend where she doesn’t show any emotion towards her mother’s corpse, and when she speaks to John shortly before she goes grimdark. That pesterlog is really upsetting because John realizes what’s happening to her, he can tell the difference between her sarcasm and her personality just going away. And while he fools around for most of the conversation it really gets me that they are such good friends he can tell the difference, and that he says he’ll help her out when they meet. Then they meet, she’s already grimdark and when John’s killed it sends her even more over the edge, she’s just blinded with fury for Jack over her mom and John, and is killed.

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    She sees her mother’s corpse and her only thought, the only thing that goes through her mind, is “Jack isn’t up here.”...
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